My Volcanic Laundry

My Volcanic Laundry is an ongoing project about the fascination that we live on a surface that is constantly being reshaped and of the formations volcanoes have left behind in the landscape.
Mein Vulkanbuch – Notizen Berlin 2020. This is a volcano studies notebook. The cover is printed with heat-sensitive ink that warns if you enter warmer areas. The cover is also padded and can be used as a pillow at long expeditions.
Maria Lilja, Vulkan 2, 2022
Volcan 2, silkscreen print on the parts of a shirt, 64 x 82 cm.
Maria Lilja Vulcan 3, Silkscreen textile
Vulcan 3 silkscreen print on the parts of a shirt, 82 x 170 cm.
Maria Lilja, The Image of Nature. 70 x 100 cm
The Image of Nature, 2016, silkscreen, 70 x 100 cm.
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