Silk Screen

Here is a selection of silkscreen prints on paper and textile. Some of the prints are included in other projects such as Cutting Up and My Volcanic Laundry.
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The Image of Nature, 2016, print on paper, 70 x 100 cm.
Maria Lilja, stairs, silkscreen om paper.
Maria Lilja, Orly II, 63 x 84 cm, 2017.

The See Silver

The See Silver Home Office, 2020, Print on parts of shirt, textile, 95 x 145 cm. Sold to Public Art Agency Sweden at 2021.

Is Freedom Always Somewhere Else

Maria Lilja, Is Freedom Always Somewhere Else, 135 x 200 cm, print on textile,
Maria Lilja, Eight Shirts is a Horse, 2017, print on textile, 170 x 130 cm.
Maria Lilja, See Wall, print on textile, 2020
Maria Lilja, NY Station, print on paper, 2020.
Maria Lilja, Striped See, print on textile, 2020.

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