Twin Road

Twin road/Tvillingväg, 2013
The installation was made in a forest near Görvälns Art Parc outside Stockholm. The idea of the work is to make to identical places.
Twin Road/Tvillingväg was a solo exhibition in 2013 in Görväln's art park outside Stockholm, which consisted of two installations, Twin Road and Duplication, and financed by Järfälla kultur and the Artists Council. The idea of the work is; you walk on a path that splits in two at a certain point and passes through two identical places.
Duplication, performance at the opening of Tvillingväg. The work can be seen as an essence of Tvillingväg where the relationship between a birch and a stone is doubled. At the inauguration, this pair of twins performed in the work.

Duplicating was purchased by Järfälla municipality in 2014 and is a permanent installation in the art park.
Skos, 2008.
Rulla till toppen